Astrological Miraculous Remedies for Early Marriage

Astrological Miraculous Remedies for Early Marriage

Marriage is bliss if it happened at a proper timings. But then, it becomes curse if not done at suitable age or with correct match. “Curse” is nothing but bad karmas done in the past lives with certain class or people. That “Curse” becomes our samskara in this birth in the form of planetary combinations.

In Hinduism, ritualistic practices are inherent Samskaras, a Hindu is expected to follow at various stages of his/her life. The numerous samskaras are outlined in Grihya shastra (Grihya Sutra). Gautama Dharmasutras specify 40-48 samskaras. However, the latter smritis, brought down this number to 16 (Shodasha Samskara). Out of this sixteen samskara “Marriage” comes at thirteenth (13th) Samskara. Again this has been concise to four in number. Now a days, we all know about four samskaras namely, Jatakarma, Upanayana, Vivah, Antyeshti.

A native’s horoscope is a mirror of his/her own persona. It can very well narrate any problem by the way of afflictions caused by planets. And further, if we justify our “Karmas” in this birth by performing certain cure than we can minimize our problems to great extent.

Saturn is known for delaying any work, so if it has any type of relation with the 7th house (placement, aspect or conjugates) than it is considered as a major reason.

  • 7th house lord is weak in any case, viz- retrograde, combust or debilitate.
  • Venus/Jupiter is weak in horoscope.
  • Malefic planets combined with Saturn (like Mars, Rahu) aspects 7th house.
  • Saturn and Mars have a combined influence on the seventh house.
  • 7th house in vacant and not expected by any planet.

Along with above said reasons, there are some other factors that are also seen in native’s horoscopes. These can also be given a glance while finding out reasons for delaying in marriage.

  • Ascendant should be free from malefic effects.
  • The birth stars (Rashi) should not be unfriendly.
  • Conjugation of Rahu with Sun, Moon or Jupiter be avoided of Dasha is also running or about to come.
  • Mahadasha of Vipat, Pratyak, Nidhan should not be running.
  • Saturn should not make any combination with 7th house.
  • 7th lord or house should not be under influence of Rahu or Ketu.
  • 7th lord should not be in 6th, 8th or 12th houses.
  • Jupiter should not be retrograde in female horoscope.
  • Venus-Mars combination in 7th house might be avoided.


With the help of following “cure” the native can be benefitted with timely marriage. But these should be in regular marriage, and should not be left in between or done half-heartedly.

“For Girls” 

!! Om Namo Bhagwate Rukmini Vallaabhaye Swaha!!

Recite above mantra in a pious condition in a place where there is no noise, facing towards east direction. This mantra needs to be recited for 108 times daily till the purpose achieve.

“For Boys” 

Patni Manorma Dehi Manovaratanusarinim !

Tarini Durgsansarsagrasaya Kulodbhawam !!

Recite above mantra for 108 times daily in a sound atmosphere facing towards east direction till you are benefitted.

Above mantra should be done with other remedies which will give strength to it.

  • Respect your parents and elders.
  • Boys should avoid multiple relations with females.
  • Offer sweets and cosmetics to small girls.
  • Worship Goddess Lakshmi and God Ganpati together.
  • Read verses related to the marriage of Shiv and Parvati in the Balkand of Ramcharit Manas every day.
  • Pour sacred water over shivling everyday and worship Goddess Parvati together.
  • Mix a pinch to Haldi (Turmeric) in the water and take bath with it whenever possible.

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