Astrology prediction for love marriage life

Astrology prediction for love marriage life

Forecasting about present, past and future is known as prediction and this service is available in our organization to forecast your future information. As we know very well in this present era modern youth’s aptitude is tending towards love marriage inspite of arrange marriage or marriage with consent of parents. No one wants to get boring life that is why finding the life partner who matches their nature or life style. People also going towards to take help from astrology to know about their future that, which type of marriage they are going to do in future and how can they change their destiny pertaining to marriage. Many type of such questions they put in front of astroger so as to they get married with their lover. Thus “Astrology prediction service for love marriage life” is genuinely helpful for them and infect we can say it’s really problem solving service of love marriage or life that begins after love marriages.

Astrology predictions your love life

Love is elaborated as very beautiful definition of life that almost everyone has to be experienced and also has to bear challenges , familiar and social barriers , and critical moments of life that is why called as “to fall in love might be a simple task but to get love for perpetually is not a simple task ” .Once someone practice this beautiful definition of relationship then it is sure he/she will endure bad moments of life also but that’s not mean to do love is a bad thing or invalid , we can just say about this to achieve happiness for your life you have to pass some exams that is the creation of our nature.“ Astrology predictions your love life” help you to find your desired love, to get back your love, solve love issues , solve marriage issues , and forecast your future lover also.

Online astrology prediction for love marriage

To get aware about future happening, recently we almost become concern to make our coming life happy and peaceful that is why we are mostly endeavor for that comfort life. Astrologer rendering most prevalent service “Online astrology prediction for love marriage” take into consideration clients needs and requirement for having delight full life by diminishing bad moments forever. This service is genuinely helpful to know about your marriage that you are going to be love married or arrange married person. In additional it is more helpful to know your good or bad moments of future so as to you will get information before passing through that typical moments and sort out by astrological help before coming that moments. This service is available online that is why people are taking additional benefits by these services.

Predictions of Love Marriage in Vedic Astrology

The matters of the heart and emotions are represented by the 5th house. The Lord of the 5th house and the aspects that are received by it alongside conjunctions of other planets and the aspects they are receiving. The positions and strength of Venus or ‘Shukra’ is considered for the male natives while for female natives position of Jupiter or ‘Brihaspathi’ is considered important.

Marriage Astrology Predictions for common questions:


When will I get married? Will I fall in love?


The Lord of the 5th house is given great importance for predicting when a person is likely to fall in love. Let us consider the example of Kanya or Rishabha Rashi for understanding this concept. Here the Lord of the 5th house is Mercury. Thus, a native is likely to get involved in love-related affairs during the Dasha or Bhukti period of Mercury.

Let us consider two situations:

  • 1. Firstly, when Mercury enjoys a good position, and gets the aspect of benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus, then the native is likely to meet someone who brings love into their life.


  • 2. However, when Mercury gets aspect or conjunction from malefic planets, the native may get proposals from unwanted corners. The situation can be murky with native falling in love with already married or engaged persons. The situation may also fructify as native falling in love with person who do not reciprocate the same feelings.


Conjunction between Baadhaka or Maaraka and the 5th Lord


If any unfriendly planets surround the Lord of 5th house, they would function as Badhaka as thus prevent the native form falling in love. It may also be possible that the native falls in love with a person who does not show any interest, whatsoever.


Conjunction or aspect of both malefic and benefic planets with the 5th house


The native falls in love but is likely to fall in love but would face a lot of difficult times in the relationships. The final outcome can be predicted only by individual analysis of horoscope while considering all important details.


Can I get married to the person I love?


A strong 5th house and the strong position of Lord of 5th house imply that the native will fall in love. However, the relationship getting converted to marriage will materialize only if there is some conjunction of the Lord of 5th house and the Lord of the 7th house (House of marriage). Besides, this there is also other planetary conjunction resulting in love marriage.


Will I have a happy married life after love marriage?


In case a native gets married to person of interest in life, the happiness of the couple can be predicted by determining the planetary conjunctions and positions in the 7th house. This is because the partner in love gets promoted from 5th house to the 7th house. If there is affliction by badhaka planets in the 7th house, the marriage can also result in divorce. If there is affliction by malefic planets, the married life would be full of conflicts and problems.

It has been observed, however that only 1 percent of the people have affirmative relationship between 5th and 7th house without afflictions of any kind. The success of a love marriage depends on this favorable conjunction between the 5th and 7th houses.


Why do problems arise after marriage?


Maaraka or baadhaka connections of the seventh house or Lord of the 7th house occur when malefic afflictions are present in the 8th or the 12th house. Both these houses represent the places of ‘shayan’ or sexual relationship. Badhaka and maraka create problematic situations between the couple.

In case there is affliction by maaraka or baadhaka planets or 12th Lord dasha or the period of bhukthi , one should wait for the malefic condition to get over before entering into a favorable part of the relationship.

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When will I get married? Will it be an arranged marriage or a love marriage? How will my married life be? The matrimonial horoscope focuses on love marriage, promised marriage, delayed marriage and denied marriage. It also pays attention to the planetary positions that decide the time of marriage and the factors that may lead to divorce and separation besides analysing what kind of planetary positions cause unhappy married life. Marriage, in Hinduism is considered to be a sacred union that the couple should not only abide by in this life, but for the next seven successive lives too.

Marriage matching is a solemn decision taken on behalf of the boy and a girl before they tie the knot to hold each other for the rest of their lives. The Hindus ensure that the compatibility of this solemn lifelong binding enables the couple to live ‘happily ever after’. This horoscope tells you about your after marriage life and the harmony of your married relation. Marriage being a crucial phase for life as both are entering into each other’s life and creating a new life.

Marriage is decided upon the planetary position in your birth chart. Birth chart has different houses which can predict the duration or time slot for right time for marriage. Some planetary position delays the marriage and some can lead to a beautiful relation for life. Matrimonial horoscope can also tell you the effect of married life on your every other personal traits of life. Marriage do not combine or bind a boy and girl only it also binds two families together.

Indian trend for getting married believes greatly in match making and the four facts why match making is important are here

  1. To check marriage compatibility
  2. To know relationship quotient
  3. To foresee mental and physical compatibility
  4. To foretell financial conditions and family adjustments

Marriage making are dependent on planetary positions and after predictions some prediction which reveal few problems or any other issue can be solved by several rituals and pleasing the gods of the planet. Pandit S.K Gaur will also help you for love marriage if parents are not accepting either a boy’s family or girl’s family if both are well suited for each other.