Auspicious Events In The Month Of Jyeshtha

Auspicious Events In The Month Of Jyeshtha

The month of Jyeshtha is starting on 05/05/15 and it’d endwise 02/06/15. The primary fifteen days of Krishna Paksha would observe Somavati Amavasya and Shri Shani Jayanti. Apparently each these events are happening on a similar day i.e. 18/05/15. Somvati Amavasya is that the confluence of Amavasya occurring on a weekday and it’s thought-about terribly auspicious for worshiping knife Pooja and pleasing one’s forefathers. Apparently this present day is additionally thought-about auspicious for obtaining obviate afflictions from Saturn.

Astrologically Moon would be exalted (in Taurus) on this present day and Saturn would be posited in Scorpio. Each these planets would be in direct side to every different. For an amendment Moon would have bargain of resistance from Saturn as exalted Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Sun would even be casting their aspects to Saturn. Such a planetary combination is rare and it doesn’t happen fairly often.

Shani Jayanti marks the birth day of remembrance of Lord Shanidev. Sun would be transitting to Taurus on 15/05/15 and it’d be casting a full side to Saturn for one complete month. It somewhere signifies the blessings of the father (Sun) flowing on to the son (Saturn). It’s an awfully auspicious day to please Lord Shanidev and he’s holding a awfully necessary position of the “Varsha Raja” this year.

Performing Shri knife Hindu deity Abhishek on this present day would be a good plan and likewise taking a dip in holy rivers like Ganga, Godavari and Yamuna would facilitate in purifying the body still because the mind. Feeding Brahmins and providing donations to them can even be a fruitful activity that ought to be performed on this present day. Likewise activity Telashbhishek on Lord Shanidev and reciting Dwadasha Shani Naam stotra will please him significantly. Another necessary activity would be getting ready pakoda from black gram deep-fried in mustard oil and feeding it to crows. This can be conjointly notable to please one’s forefathers.

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