Simple Job Interview Tips for Zodiac Signs to Excel

During the course of job hunt, everyone faces an Interview. It can range from a simple conversation to a formal meeting with more than one interviewer. What will be the Outcome? Though one is prepared to level best for these but with slouching job market the outcome is not certain! What do your Sun sign […]

Why Do Astrological Remedies Fail?

There is often a mistrust and confusion as to the efficacy of astrological remedies. This is especially true of younger generation. Going to temples for worship and performance of family rituals are ridiculed. The films like PK, Oh My God have brainwashed minds. Astrology is based on the laws of karma, i.e. cause and effect. […]

Birthstones For June, Their Meanings And Symbolism

There are several June birthstones, depending on the actual birthstone interpretation chart. Some authors enumerate as many as 10 stones that correspond to this month. The modern interpretation of birthstones includes Pearls, Moonstone and Alexandrite as the stones characteristic for month June. The two Zodiac signs that share the month of June are Gemini and […]