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Worship Hindu Goddess Lakshmi Devi for Wealth

Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, love and sweetness. She is well thought-out as chanchal i.e. one who doesn’t stable at an area forever. Let’s see some simple rituals to please god Goddess Lakshmi and build her keep longer at your home. Everybody desires wealth and cash, some work terribly laborious to […]

Astrological Miraculous Remedies for Early Marriage

Marriage is bliss if it happened at a proper timings. But then, it becomes curse if not done at suitable age or with correct match. “Curse” is nothing but bad karmas done in the past lives with certain class or people. That “Curse” becomes our samskara in this birth in the form of planetary combinations. […]

Simple Method Of Doing Yagna At Home

Please sit within the morning to perform Yagna. Yagna should be in daylight then it’s additional useful. Then 0.5 a bowl of water with a tablespoon should be with you with tiny twigs especially of fruit tree if doable. Yagna samagri, ghee, natural resin and match box should be there with you. Please sit on […]

Essential 5 Mantras That Are Secret Of Success

Success and failure is quite common facet of a person’s life. These don’t very regularly on one’s efforts only there are many various factors that play their role directly or indirectly in your success. But there’s one issue which is able to mould everything utterly for your success- Mantras for action – affirmative, that is […]