Planetry Transition

How Palm or Hand Indicates For Intellectual Behavior

Person Keeps Attachments If person have curved form of heart line at the beginning and is overlapping at few points indicating that the person keeps attachments and is lusty. The curved line indicates lusty nature and intensity in emotions. The subject is probably going to be materialistic as line starts from mount of Saturn. Such […]

Venus Provides Happiness In Troubled Marriages

Every relationship has its ups and downs and also the eminent couples have learned the way to tackle the issues and work the complicated problems with standard of living. The rationale these folks are eminent in wedding could be a simple or trouble free, they perceive the worth system of the society and follow it […]

Understandings Of Rahu-Ketu Gochar

Understanding Rahu / Ketu and their impacts on the lifetime of a personal are one among the foremost troublesome and difficult task for a soothsayer particularly in today’s context. To start with, they’re not even planets however simply 2 imagined astronomical points within the Zodiac. However in Vedic astrology they’re treated as planets solely. In […]