Enhance love-Romance in Married Couple by Using Feng Shui

Enhance love-Romance in Married Couple by Using Feng Shui

Someone truly said that “couples are made in heaven” And this Saying is exactly true but one thing also true that love is create by us. It totally depends upon the couple that how they treat their partner. Because god is responsible for making the couple but not to secure their relation it depends upon the couple itself that how they maintain their relation with their partner. The first thing when we talk about love relation in between married couple it starts with bedroom. So if you want make your relation good adjust the setting of bedroom.

So there is some tips from Feng Shui by which you can make your relation healthier:-

1. Select the right bed with Rectangular or Square, never go with the any other shape bed.

2. Avoid water bodies from bedroom never use any kind of small fountain or fish aquarium is not good option for bedroom.

3. Always give respect to your partner. Because it’s a simple theory that gives respect and takes respect so always give respect and take care of your partner.

4. Always use Northwest Bedroom for the newlywed couple

5. Never try to paint your room with dark shades. It produces negative energies in room

6. Never use mirror in bed room.

7. Place Crystal ball near you it creates transparency in between both of you

8. Always try to cover your T.V, computer with cloth after use otherwise it reflects like mirror which is not good for couple

9. Don’t use paintings which shows death, violence and have negative aspect of life

10. Use decorative plants in bedroom which can be like small flowering bushes .it gives a positive energy to both of you because flower is symbol of love.

11. Never use cactus or any prickly plant in bedroom.

12. Always use pair of things in room. Like any decorative pieces, any flower pot whatever it will be use in pair.

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