Feng- Shui for your Children’s education

Feng- Shui for your Children’s education

As a parents getting tens or worried about your children’s education is normal tendency. Every parents wants that there kid will be very intelligent and get good grades in exam but it’s not possible with every parents because every child have their unique mind some are interested in study, some are in games, arts, music or other activities. But in exam time obviously the first priority is exam but still your child is not paying attention in study then you can try the Feng- Shui. We know that feng shui is good for get prosperity, harmony, positive energy in home house or business everywhere but do you know that it is a good process for study also??

Yes it’s true that Feng- Shui is the greatest way for your children’s education, by using feng shui you can make your child interest in studies automatically. So let’s check it out the tips that how it works for your children’s study.

Feng shui Tips for Study

1. Always makes sure that there is no mirror refle3cting the child while studying time.

2. Place an amethyst tree in the northeast of the child’s room. This tree is use for improving the concentration power of children.

3. Don’t make too much things on child’s study table otherwise it will reflect your child’s concentration

4. Always make sure that store notes and books at the northeast of study table.

5. Make sure that your child’s room will paint with the very decent color. Dark color emits the negative energies which is not for your child’s mind.

6. Don’t place any water body and the painting related to the water it will reflect the concentration of child and hamper to sleep.

7. Place maps in the north west of room.

8. If you want to go your child to abroad for studies then place a crystal glob in the North West of the study room.

9. Using of red color folder, note books binders is good for study, red is the symbol of good luck it will motivate your child for study and create good luck for them.

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