Fish Aquarium At Home Or Workplace Is A Finest Vastu Sign

Fish Aquarium at home or workplace is a finest Vastu Sign

Home is a place where you would like to be happy and live without any stress and you can feel positive vibes are passing through you when you are happy. Some time you feel that you need someone to talk but there is no one to hear you in that condition animals can be your best friends. Who is always available to hear your words without any obligations and you feel very relax to see them around you always.

Like other pet animals FISH also can be our best friend. Fish is also one of very peaceful animal who gives relax to our eyes. When we see them in continually moving from one side to another side in Aquarium we also fell positive and energetic continually movement of fishes in aquarium generates and enhances optimistic liveliness and attracts richness, prosperity and cheerfulness.

On other hand we know that all things in this universe have certain level of energy linked with them. If we place everything at correct place then the energy they scatter is melodious for our home. The same logic also applies to fish aquariums in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu, Fish Aquarium is very best Remedy for our house or our workplace. If we placed and used correctly it then a fish aquarium becomes key for success and synchronization, but in the same if used incorrectly the same fish aquarium becomes happiness tarnishing component.

Some Vastu Tips for placing of Aquarium

  1. According to Vastu fish aquarium removes all the evil effects from your house andextends good fortune or luck.
  2. Vastu says that Aquarium should consist 9 fish 8 of golden fish and 1 should be black or you make just opposite of it but 8 is too be same color and 1 is too be different.
  3. Whenever get disperse look at Aquarium continuously we will as surly get very relax to your mind.
  4. If any of fish get died then you need not to worry it means that fish had taken negative energy with them so immediate replace it with the same fish again.
  5. Never place Aquarium in Bedroom or in Kitchen it spared negative energy to your home.
  6. Always place your Aquarium at southeast corner of living room.
  7. Always keep clean to your Aquarium.
  8. And other most important thing is offering food to hungry fishes adds to our good karma.
  9. Forever and a day make sure that only one person feeds the fishes regularly.
  10. Use these tips and see you instantly feel the changes in your life and feel the positive energy around you.


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