Free vastu tips for daily life

Free vastu tips for daily life
  1. Every people should sleep in South direction with their head by sleeping in that direction leads to endurance.
  2. When parents want to come wisdom in own children life then parents must be care about the direction for sleeping child in East direction with their head.
  3. For academic excellence students must be care about direction. When students studying in East direction then it is beneficial for student.
  4. Vastu and Ganapati Pooja always held in North-East corner of the plot before construction.
  5. At beginning of anything like home Pooja or organizing the event etc. Pooja should be performed.
  6. Copper vessels should be used to contain water and divas brass items should be used for lightening.
  7. In own house the family members should face in West then happiness comes.
  8. At the time of Pooja this item should not be used like Iron, stainless steel and aluminum.
  9. Avoid hanging of pictures of animal fighting, tree without fruits and flowers, and dead animals.
  10. Never block any house from north side because it blocks prosperity.
  11. For getting good wealth and opportunities hang mirror to reflect your cash box or locker

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