How the Repetition of Alphabets in name Impact your Life

How the Repetition of Alphabets in name Impact your Life

The power of a name and its worth has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. Everybody acknowledges himself or herself by name. And every letter of the Name has its own means itself. Do you know that along with that the repetition of words additionally matter in person’s life and it impact too.

So mainly the question is:- how does a Repetition of word influence a human character and their life?

Every alphabet carries completely different and special and distinct means and different side associated with its corresponding range may be pronounced as numerology in astrology term and therefore the assignment of every alphabet in a name determines the type of influence it’s on anyone’s name. Similarly, the repetition of specific letters in a name creates positive and negative characteristics of the person.

Repetition of K,B, R

It makes an individual receptive, weak, emotional, tuneful and inventive. Besides, the person is useful to others, thoughtful, helpful and patient.

Repetition of A, I, J, Q, Y

It makes an individual fearless, unique, and strong and dominating. It additionally means that appreciation, a struggle for independence and freedom, high status, supportive nature, growth in business and a craze for cash and authority.

Repetition of C, G, L, S

It makes an individual offensively artistic, creative and talented. It provides talent for style through words or writings or in art, music and business. It additionally makes the person egotistic, lacking attentiveness, wasteful of energy through an exploration of pleasures and trait.

Repetition of D, M, T

It makes the person work flat out, expand business, manage finances or property matters, and take responsibilities towards relatives. It essentially slows up progress.


Repetition of P, F

It sharpens business acumen and strengthens power and position. Additionally brings a lack of domestic happiness, travel for business, serious expenses and dealings in property.

Repetition of E, H, N, X

It makes an individual self-made in lawful and construction or in business. If these letters repeat for seven or additional times in name, it’s on top of average. It denotes high living with drinks and food. This may cause issues, and create the person unused or irresponsible in family life. Explosive and surprising happenings may lead to chaos and turmoil.

Repetition of U, V, W

It encourages creative skills, humanism, and sense of responsibility, useful nature, and love of domestic life, social recognition and recognition. There are outings, travels and social activities.

Repetition of O, Z

It makes the person ponder, research, study, meditate, look for truth and stay isolated, away from the group and away from issues of relatives etc.

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