How to Remove Negative Energy from Home

How to Remove Negative Energy from Home

How to Remove Negative Energy from Home 

Do you know? Every person has naked energy. This energy builds a bad and good portrait. As like human being has naked energy same as our own home has necked energy. If your house has a positive naked energy then you can free from any trouble. If your house has a negative energy then it will bring many problems. For this reason we have to care about negative portrait, so that we get always positive portrait.


Vastu Tips, Know How to Remove Negativity 

If you get any problems in own house by negative portraits then this small tips help you to removed this energy


  1. Open the windows-In your house and allow the dull air out and clean air in. If you can go the windows open at least for a still as every day, you’ll agree to the above ground energy to move freely.


  1. Use sound.This is a very old method that uses loud noise such as clap to break up negative vibration pattern. Ring bells, or go from room to room clapping your hands.


  1. Living plants.Not just will they eliminate toxins from the air, they and the soil live in help harmonize your home with the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field.


  1. Crystalssuch as purple, clear quartz and black obsidian help fend off negative energy. Place crystals in the corner of your home, or wear them to clean your personal atmosphere of bad vibrations.


  1. Sea salthelps clear energetic fragments you can place a bit of salt in a small bowl and place it in a corner of the room in an open space in the northeast and southwest corner. You can alter the salt every 2 months.
  2. Use fire.Light candles, incense or smudge sticks – and your fireplace or wood stove, if you have one. Fire is a powerful cleansing tool. To get rid of impurities from your home.


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