Importance and Significance of Guru Purnima in Hinduism

Importance and Significance of Guru Purnima in Hinduism


A very popular “Sholka” for guru in India


Gururbrahmaa gururvishnuh gururdevo Maheswarah |
Guruh-saakshaat parambrahma tasmai shrigurave namah ||



Which mean “Guru is creator Brahma; Guru is preserver Vishnu; Guru is also the destroyer Siva and he is the source of the Absolute. I offer all my salutations to the Guru”


In India Guru Purnima is one of the most important festivals of Hinduism. on this day people worship their guru or teacher who teaches him about the lesson of life and gave him a right path of life and teach them that what is right and what is not, what should you have to and should not to follow, how you can see the way of god. These are some lesson taught by guru to people.

Importance of guru purnima, when it celebrates and significance of guru purnima

Every person should have guru in their life because they give us the path of life. Without guru the life is just like nothing. In Hindu the place of guru is bigger than god because they show the way that how to reach to god.

Guru Purnima occurs at the full moon day of Ashadha. And on other hand this day is celebrate in the sacred memory of the great sage vyasa who complete the 4 Vedas and 18 puran.

How Indian celebrate guru purnima

  • they get up early in the morning at brahmamuhurta
  • After bath they worship their guru’s feet and offer them fruit, flowers etc
  • People do fast for the whole day
  • While some people keep “maun vrat” also
  • They study the teaching and books of guru
  • They offers food and clothes to sadhu and snayasi
  • Totally they spend their whole day in prayer and for just worship of guru

Along with guru purnima this day is important for farmers also because the period of Chaturmass Begin from this day. So these are the importance and significance of guru purnima we hope this information will be important for you.

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