Is Horoscope toning For Marriage A Necessity ?

Is Horoscope toning For Marriage A Necessity

Horoscope matching for marriage is a do that is organism follow in India for a long moment in time now. The birth charts of the boy and the girl are coordinated to see if they will be well-matched. It was very firmly follow in the past days where arranged marriages are the only form of marriage that was identified in the civilization.

The elder in the family would choose the boy and the girl as for each the family position and caste. just the once that was complete they would match the horoscopes. The families would get together when the horoscopes were successfully coordinated. The boy and girl would meet up only at the wedding. There was no theory of courtship. This was why the elders ensure that they match the horoscopes so that the husband and wife finally get all along well have a wonderful married life.

 Some Advantages of Matching Horoscope before marriage

Horoscope Matching & Marriage:

Similar horoscope before marriage is a very essential part of a Hindu marriage. usually it is resorted to still sooner than the boy and girl get to get together each other. It is frequently the parents who discuss with an astrologer who matches the couple’s zodiac compatibility.

The horoscope of boy and girl are coordinated on the next 8 counts adding together to a total of 36 points (‘guans’).

  • Varna;
  • Vishay;
  • Taara;
  • Yooni;
  • Graaha-Maatri;
  • Ghana;
  • Bhaakoot and
  • Naadi

The supposition goes as follows –

If the number of ‘guans’ is supplementary than 27 out of the total 36 then a match is measured best and if it is somewhere between 18 to 26, a marriage can be advise.

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