Most Effective Lal Kitab Remedies For Love

Most Effective Lal Kitab Remedies For Love

Lal kitab astrology is most powerful and brings result soon. Lal kitab upayas, remedies are very easy, affordable and provide very quick results to the doer. It also improves business problem, financial condition, love problem and health. Lal kitab remedy is one of the easiest and best ways to remove sorrow and pain from one’s life. Lal kitab astrology is very effective to win love from lover and also improves husband-wife relationship. So if you want to use these upayas then you can get help from Astrologer because before using any remedy of red book, it is must to consult a specialist astrologer.

There may be many reasons why there are troubles in your life. If you feel that your life is full of problems and you want to get astrological solution for your troublesome life then lal kitab upayas are helpful for you. If you are trying a lot but not getting desired success in the career. There is tension between husband and wife or if you have lost your love then lal kitab remedies can help you to get desired solution of the problems. There are many lal kitab totke in lal kitab such as lal kitab upay to control husband and wife, upaya to save marriage, totke to control boyfriend and save him from another girl, remedy to attract ex girlfriend.

Some Important Lal Kitab Totke

  1. Totka To Win wife or Girl Love:

After getting married visit Shri Radha Krishna temple before going any other holy place. This will give favorable start to your married life or love life.

  1. Hindi Upaya To Control Husband:

शुकल पक्ष में एक पान का पत्ता लें | फिर लाल चन्दन और केसर का पाउडर मिला कर उस के ऊपर रखें | तत्पश्चात माँ दुर्गा की प्रतिमा के सामने बैठकर प्रतिदिन चंडी स्तुति का पाठ 43 दिन तक करें | प्रतिदिन पान का नया पत्ता लें और 43 दिन के बाद सभी पान के पत्तों को पानी में बहा दें | चंडी स्तुति का पाठ करने के बाद चन्दन केसर का तिलक लगाकर पति के सामने जाएँ | पति वश में होगा और समस्या का शीघ्र समाधान होगा |

  1. Mantra For Getting Lost Love Back:

॥ ॐ नमो भगवते रुक्मिणीवल्लभाये स्वाहा ॥

Om Namo Bhagwate Rukmanivalbhaye Swaha ||

  1. To Remove Black Magic Effect:

आय तुल कुरसी, विच फुरआन
आगे पीछे, तू रहमान
लाइलाह का कोट, इल्लल्लाह की खाई
मुहम्मद रसूलल्लाह की दुहाई

  1. Mantra To Get Desired Husband or To Please Angry Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Om Gauri Pati Mahadevay Mam Icchit Var (Name of the desired person) Shighra Atishighra Praptyartham Gaurayee Namah ||

  1. Mantra For Attracting Beautiful girlfriend or Gorgeous Wife:

ओम पत्नीम मनोरम देहि मनोवृतानुसारिणीम्, तरेणीम दुर्गसंसार सागरस्ये कुलोद्भवम्.



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