Nirjala Ekadashi-Importance, Story and Observing Ekadashi

Nirjala Ekadashi-Importance, Story and Observing Ekadashi

How to Observe Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat

Nirjala means that while not water. Hence, fast is ascertained while not water and food. It’s thought of because the most strict and thus, most sacred of all Ekadashis. This fast is very tough to follow because it falls within the hot period of time. The 24 hours long fast begins from sunrise on Nirjala Ekadashi to sunrise future day. Folks fast and provide puja to Lord Vishnu on in this day and age.

The fast begins with Sandhyavandanam – a prayer. This prayer is performed within the evening before Nirjala Ekadashi, i.e. on tenth day. After prayer buff takes only one meal, while not rice (as rice consumption is prohibited). The strict fast continuous throughout Ekadashi. It gets over on next morning. Devotees provide prayer, tulsi, fruits, and sweets to Lord Vishnu so end their quick.

Rituals and celebrations of Nirjala Ekadasi

  • Offer Puja to Lord Vishnu and look for his grace.
  • Bath the idol of Lord Vishnu with Panchamrit.
  • Wash with clean water so wearing new garments.
  • Offer flowers, incense, water, lamps and a hand fan.
  • In evening, worship Vishnu with Durva grass.
  • Visit close Vishnu temple and observe Jagran at the hours of darkness.
  • Chant bhajans, Vishnu Sahasranama and alternative slokas dedicated to Lord Vishnu
  • Donate garments, food grains, umbrellas, hand-fans, pitchers crammed with water, gold etc.

Story of Nirjala Ekadashi Vrat

Bhimsen – the second Pandava brother and large eater needed to stay Ekadashi Vrat. All his brothers, better half Draupadi and mother Kunti ascertained Vrat on twenty four Ekadasis throughout the year and request him to try and do identical. However he was unable to perform the ritual attributable to unendurable hunger pangs. Bhima, was upset attributable to his weak determination. He was conjointly sacred of dishonouring to Lord Vishnu. So, once Maharishi Vyasa visited them Bhima asked him to search out an answer. Sage Vyasa suggested him to watch single Nirjala Ekadashi fast. This fast would complete not perceptive all Ekadashi fast in an exceedingly year. Bhima performed the fast with an ease however on the morning of terribly next day he became unconscious. Then he offered Ganga water with Tulsi to finish up his day fast. Attributable to this legend Nirjala Ekadashi is additionally referred to as Bhimseni Ekadashi, Bhima Ekadashi or Pandava Ekadashi.

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