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online love spells for Vedic astrologers is the tremendous thought that is very helpful to solve love problems. With inclusion of Vedic astrology this service becomes very powerful and may provide you proved very useful to solve problems in love life. it is known by everyone that love cannot create forcefully for a person in someone’s heart because it’s a natural service that is only possible with a miraculous magic. Love spells make it possible that you can induce love for anyone and can attract a person whom you deserve and want that person in your life.

Love spells for Vedic astrology are almost dependent on need and situation of the circumstances and created on the basis of the need. Loves spells if performed with omen intention then it’s very difficult to stop its bad effect on you. Because it is said by astrologers that if a power that is created for comfort of the people if is used for wrong purpose then it will harm you badly. During this process many sorcery kind of ingredients are used like psychic energy and other witchcraft materials like candles to spell a powerful service.

Vedic astrology for love spell astrologer

Vedic astrology is assumed very powerful service and its services also very effective to make give you reliability against the trouble. Vedic astrology makes provide you this service with different variations like attraction spell, marriage spell.  Attraction, love, marriage, break up are some part of love life and each part have some troubles that are solvable by unique love spell of each problem.  If lack of attraction is the problem in your love life then attraction spell is one of the power of the expert who does it. To start a new relationship this is the initial part and if used correctly then this love spell can create a very strong infatuation on that person whom you want to attract.

Love spells solution immediate results

In love spell immediate marriage spell and break up spell is another powerful service that changes the negative thought of the partner for positive results. If you think your love partner is not keen to marry with you then use this marriage spell as a powerful tool to create willingness of marriage in your partner.

Predictions of Love Marriage in Vedic Astrology

The matters of the heart and emotions are represented by the 5th house. The Lord of the 5th house and the aspects that are received by it alongside conjunctions of other planets and the aspects they are receiving. The positions and strength of Venus or ‘Shukra’ is considered for the male natives while for female natives position of Jupiter or ‘Brihaspathi’ is considered important.

Marriage Astrology Predictions for common questions:


When will I get married? Will I fall in love?


The Lord of the 5th house is given great importance for predicting when a person is likely to fall in love. Let us consider the example of Kanya or Rishabha Rashi for understanding this concept. Here the Lord of the 5th house is Mercury. Thus, a native is likely to get involved in love-related affairs during the Dasha or Bhukti period of Mercury.

Let us consider two situations:

  • 1. Firstly, when Mercury enjoys a good position, and gets the aspect of benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus, then the native is likely to meet someone who brings love into their life.


  • 2. However, when Mercury gets aspect or conjunction from malefic planets, the native may get proposals from unwanted corners. The situation can be murky with native falling in love with already married or engaged persons. The situation may also fructify as native falling in love with person who do not reciprocate the same feelings.


Conjunction between Baadhaka or Maaraka and the 5th Lord


If any unfriendly planets surround the Lord of 5th house, they would function as Badhaka as thus prevent the native form falling in love. It may also be possible that the native falls in love with a person who does not show any interest, whatsoever.


Conjunction or aspect of both malefic and benefic planets with the 5th house


The native falls in love but is likely to fall in love but would face a lot of difficult times in the relationships. The final outcome can be predicted only by individual analysis of horoscope while considering all important details.


Can I get married to the person I love?


A strong 5th house and the strong position of Lord of 5th house imply that the native will fall in love. However, the relationship getting converted to marriage will materialize only if there is some conjunction of the Lord of 5th house and the Lord of the 7th house (House of marriage). Besides, this there is also other planetary conjunction resulting in love marriage.


Will I have a happy married life after love marriage?


In case a native gets married to person of interest in life, the happiness of the couple can be predicted by determining the planetary conjunctions and positions in the 7th house. This is because the partner in love gets promoted from 5th house to the 7th house. If there is affliction by badhaka planets in the 7th house, the marriage can also result in divorce. If there is affliction by malefic planets, the married life would be full of conflicts and problems.

It has been observed, however that only 1 percent of the people have affirmative relationship between 5th and 7th house without afflictions of any kind. The success of a love marriage depends on this favorable conjunction between the 5th and 7th houses.


Why do problems arise after marriage?


Maaraka or baadhaka connections of the seventh house or Lord of the 7th house occur when malefic afflictions are present in the 8th or the 12th house. Both these houses represent the places of ‘shayan’ or sexual relationship. Badhaka and maraka create problematic situations between the couple.

In case there is affliction by maaraka or baadhaka planets or 12th Lord dasha or the period of bhukthi , one should wait for the malefic condition to get over before entering into a favorable part of the relationship.

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