Some Vastu Color Tips for Your Bedroom

Some Vastu Color Tips for Your Bedroom

In India, Vastu Shashtra is taken into account a sacred science that helps folks live a stress-free life. People have relied on Vastu for hundreds of years for living in good harmony and keeping issues at an arm’s length. Vastu Shashtra not solely helps you to style your house and placement of things, however additionally guides you in selecting the correct use of colours. For your room interior, Vastu tradition provides you few color tips to follow for peace and positive energy.

Pink for Joy

Pink could be an appropriate color for room walls. Because the color symbolizes joy and happiness, any shade of pink is appropriate for master bedrooms. In line with Vastu, pink is that the right color for South or Southwest facing bedrooms.

Red for Bravery

Red ought to be used slenderly within the room. As red could be an image of bravery and power in line with Vastu, the colour holds an excellent deal of energy and stress. So, avoid daring uses of red for bedrooms. Instead, you’ll use heat, muted brown reds for pillows and not for walls and curtains.

Orange for Power

Orange symbolizes spirituality and power. So, brighter reminder orange is the great alternative for room accents instead of wall colours. As orange color invokes positive feelings and happiness, this can be continuously an acceptable shade for room use.

Blue for Growth

According Vastu principles, blue is taken into account as associate degree acceptable color for bedrooms. Blue stands for brand spanking new growth and relaxation and thus it’s the correct alternative for bedrooms. Reminder blue works okay as wall colours and brings calming surroundings within the room. For cloth accents, turquoise works well through the room interior.

Purple for religion

Fuschia or daring purple, works well for cloth accents during a room. The colour purple typically represents trust, respect and religion. You’ll use it in curtains, bedspreads and pillow, however avoid exploitation them on walls because it includes a tendency to overpower the area.

Yellow for knowledge

Yellows particularly in gold tones work okay in an Indian room. Yellow not solely stands for patience and knowledge however additionally symbolizes daylight.

Green for Hope

Green is acceptable for bedrooms as base color. Hues of inexperienced typically symbolize nature, hope and freshness and then they need the power to rejuvenate the mind and body. For room walls, particularly in kid’s room, lightweight inexperienced or green-tinted shades offer the area a healthy atmosphere.

White for Intensity

White isn’t typically the colour of Indian room style, as folks suppose it would get dirt simply. But, Vastu tradition suggests that brighter reminder white build acceptable colours for room accents. You’ll use them for your room ceilings that reflects lightweight and helps your brighten the area.

The list provided below is the very important points that require to be thought of whereas fitting the room.


  1. The larger window ought to be within the North or East and also the smaller windows ought to be within the west.
  2. The doors ought to be placed within the East, West or North however not in South-West.
  3. The doors ought to a minimum of open 90degree therefore on permit all the opportunities in your life.


  1. Head in South: still sleep, improves health.
  2. Head in North: unhealthy dreams, health problem and improper sleep.
  3. Head in East: gain of knowledge.
  4. Head in West: unhealthy health


  1. Basically the form of the room ought to be square or rectangle.
  2. The ideal location of a main bedroom is in South, South-West.
  3. The ideal location for a guest room is in North-West aspect.
  4. The ideal location of Children’s room is in East or side.

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