The Secret Of Happy And Healthy House – Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the important ancient science of architecture, which creates the planning, designing, of town according to man-made structure. Hindu religious believes that peace, wealth, health are comes through the guidelines of Vastu. Vastu tells us how we can avoid the depression, disaster, disease and annoying things by living in a structure which follows the vastu for positive cosmic energy.

As per ancient science, if structure of house is so designed for the positive energy override the negative energy then there is the favorable release of bio-energy. In the house, all directions are representing the different gods and planets. According to vastu different parts of building or structure (house) determines at the particular position.

Vastu Purush is the lord of the vastu shastra and his organs are connected with the construction of a building. The Vastu Purush has eight organs in particular direction and given different importance.

  1. North Direction (Place of Kubera) is ruled by the Lord of wealth and represents the Mercury planet. This place is comfort as the vault or burial chamber. Cash will never come out.
  2. The Head of the Vastu Purush states in the Eashan (North-East) Direction and represent the Jupiter planet and Ruled by the Lord Shiva. This place is comfort for the mental work and worship chamber/ Puja Room in a house building. The head part has to secure and always clean and pure, and kept the lightweight things in this corner, avoid keeping heavy structure like pillars etc.
  3. The stomach, spleen, and rectum organs are on Vayavya (North-West) Direction and represent the Moon planet and Rules by the Lord of Air (Vayudev). This place is considered as the Bed room or Guest room or may be assigning for the toilet.
  4. South Direction is indicates the Yama deva and ruled by the lord of death. This direction represents the Mars planet and best for the Ghoulish Masks to ward off evil.
  5. The Aagnay (South-East) direction is occupied by the Moon and Goddess Parvati and represent the Venus planet. Moon is related to be the controller of mind and Devi Parvati is the Symbol of the Mother of mind. So Cooking room (Kitchen) is to be situated in this direction.

Never put the mirror in this direction let the open a window for positive sun rays.

  1. The Nirutya (South-West) Direction is occupied by the Lord of Demons and represents the Rahu planet. This place should be the heavier and high rise buildings like pent house and it should be planned in south-west direction on the veranda. In this direction, underground water tank will be the harmful for the owner of the house.
  2. West Direction is the place of the Veranda and occupied by the lord of water and represents the Saturn planet. This place is according to vastu for the bathroom.
  3. The East Direction is ruled by the Indra dev and represents the Sun planet. House’s Entrance should be in this direction for the positive energy and healthiness.

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