Understandings Of Rahu-Ketu Gochar

Understandings Of Rahu ketu gochar

Understanding Rahu / Ketu and their impacts on the lifetime of a personal are one among the foremost troublesome and difficult task for a soothsayer particularly in today’s context. To start with, they’re not even planets however simply 2 imagined astronomical points within the Zodiac. However in Vedic astrology they’re treated as planets solely. In truth the common reference in Vedic astrology is that they are shadowy planets.

Rahu and Ketu are primarily 2 mathematical points and are referred to as the 2 satellite nodes and that are necessary to elucidate the astronomical phenomena of eclipse and occultation. They’re additionally called Moon’s North node and Moon’s South node. The purpose wherever Moon crosses the great circle whereas traveling from south to north is thought as Rahu, the North or the “ascending” node. The purpose wherever Moon causes the great circle whereas traveling from north to south is thought as Ketu, the South or “descending” node.

The ancient astrologers who were additionally skilled astronomical observers felt monumental influences of the eclipse on the affairs of people at large on earth. They may not explain these cosmic influences supported the standard seven planets that that they had known within the cosmos with their naked eyes. That they had completed that link between the movements of earth, the moon and therefore the Sun holds the key to the life on our planet. It’ll not be out of context to say that it’s not simply an applied mathematics coincidence that Moon is simply regarding the proper size and right distance from the planet to fully cowl the Sun specifically throughout a complete occultation.

Moon symbolizes the female or “Ying” principle and Sun symbolizes the masculine or principle. The interaction between these 2 principles is artistic forces behind all creation. The 2 satellite nodes are symbolic representations of this terribly imbalance between principles of nature and represent dialectic of creation through the contradiction between principles in natures.

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