Vastu Purusha-Its Importance and Significance

Vastu Purusha-Its Importance and Significance

As per classics, Vastu Purusha is gift in each and every plot whether or not it’s huge or little. He contains a fastened and peculiar body. His head remains hanging down and his body is unfolding everywhere the length and breadth of the bottom.

There is a remarkable story within the MATSYA PURANA within which the birth of the Vastu Purusha is narrated. By reading that story one is aware of why the worship of the Vastu Purusha is important before starting constructing any house.

While fighting with the demon, Shiva was abundantly tired and started to sweat extravagantly. A person was born of the drops of Shiva’s sweat. He looked terribly cruel. He was terribly hungry. Therefore he began to form penance to appease Lord Shiva and find a boon from Him.

Shiva was happy along with his penance and appeared before him. The lover prayed to Shiva, “Oh Lord! Please allow Pine Tree State to eat away all the 3 worlds.” Shiva aforesaid, “Let it’s therefore.” The devotee’s joy knew no bounds. He got possession on all the 3 worlds and initial he was able to eat the terrestrial world. Then the celestial beings, Brahma, Shiva and demons (Rakshasas) also were afraid and caught hold of the lover skirting him.

Being sure like that, the lover lay down their solely. Since then, he has been lying there enclosed by the celestial Beings and therefore he was referred to as “the God of Vastu or VASTU PURUSHA”.

You will be called ‘VASTUPURUSHA’. You may tease the folks, to your heart’s content, a construct buildings and temples, dig wells and tanks on the aspect towards that you see and within the direction towards that you hold your feet. You will bother and even devour those people that construct the said buildings and temples etc. within the direction wherever you lay your head and back and people and lay stone while not worshiping you or while not satisfying you with ‘Homa’ and therefore the like. Then the Vastu Purusha was quite glad. Since then the worship of Vastu-Purusha has been modish and it’s become obligatory for those that wish to construct any quite building.

Vastu Purusha is that the god for construction of structures and buildings. Once upon a time, an unknown person came into existence and he stopped up the planet and therefore the sky along with his immense body. The Devtas suddenly caught the person and threw him below along with his face down, and whichever a part of the body of the person was control by totally different Devtas, the Devtas became presiding deities of that a part of the body. The creator, Brahma, had created the person as “god of the house” – ‘Vastu Purusha.’

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