Venus Provides Happiness In Troubled Marriages

Venus Provides Happiness In Troubled Marriages

Every relationship has its ups and downs and also the eminent couples have learned the way to tackle the issues and work the complicated problems with standard of living. The rationale these folks are eminent in wedding could be a simple or trouble free, they perceive the worth system of the society and follow it diligently. Venus is additionally the earth to be seen for worldly goodies. Being the signification of the fourth house and lord of 2d House and seventh House, we tend to see wealth, family standing and material comforts because the significations of individuals homes. Venus additionally signifies currency and gambling.

Venus in mythology is Shukracharya as a preacher. Shukracharya was the coach of the demons and only 1 to be blessed the Mrit-sanjivani vidya by Lord Shiva, because of his steadfastness devotion, being an ideal adherent, with total surrender, religion and absolute devotion. He was the sole one to be blessed ‘Mrit-sanjivani vidya’ the Devine information that allowable him to bring back ‘the dead to life.’ There are the 2 sides of Venus, on one facet is adi-daivika, adi-bhauthika and adhyatmika and on the opposite facet it’s for worldly goodliness, pleasures and material comforts. The primary facet is for inner growth and also the different facet is for external existence.

Venus once exalted and unaffiliated provides happiness in life; debilitated and afflicted Venus provides discontent and disorientation with relation to happiness and pleasure. Afflicted Venus is additional flamboyant.

Venus can provide all happiness and comforts of married life if followed in a very ancient method, that’s by holding powerfully to our price system on the contrary if it’s followed as the way of trade for effort wealth then it’ll solely provides a troubled wedding.

However one issue is incredibly clear with the twin lordship of Venus that if there are sanskaras then the people can continually have a wedding which can nurture into a womb-to-tomb bonding. Hindu being therefore made in its tradition, culture and values can keep the link secure even within the terribly unfavourable scenario. Thinking wedding as mutual arrangement brings the link to the materialistic level. Wedding could be a sacred relationship and that’s the good Indian tradition that creates our society a good one. The sole demand of the time is to know the worth and respect our traditions.

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