What Is Kaal Sarpa Doshh?

kaal sarpa dosha

What Is Kaal Sarpa Doshh?

Nearly every one of us is familiar with even a little bit about horoscopes and astrology must have hear about Kaal Sarpa Dosha or Kal sharp yoga. Thus let us try to understand what it means from the technological viewpoint of relative positions of different planets in the horoscope

What is Kaal Sarpa Dosha or Yoga?

Kal Sarapa Dosha is a position in the horoscope when all the nine planets fall among the two planets Raahu and Keetu. If one planet is outside then there is no Kal Sarapa Dosha. The usual astrologers are of the view that this Dosha can be very dangerous and also remove the effects of all the good yoga’s.

Types of Kaal Sarpa Yoga

The Kal Sarapa yoga can be of many types. It can be anaant Kal Sarapa yoga and also shessh Kal Sarapa yoga. Depending on the power of the Kal Sarapa yoga the cure is recommended. The country of India amusingly got freedom at a time when there was Kal Sarapa yoga. The then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru also had this in his horoscope. The yoga of Kal Sarapa can also do wonders for people. We just mean to say that don’t be sad if you have it in your horoscope.

 It Is Not Always Bad

It will not be incorrect to say that Kal Sarapa Dosha can also be cooperative to people. It has been experimental that many famous celebrities also have Kal Sarapa Dosha in their kundli. Furthermore it is very useful to those who do spirituality and faith. The majority of people who are born in February have this Dosha even though it can happen in other months too.



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