Which Direction Is Best To Keep Money According To Vastu

Which Direction Is Best To Keep Money According To Vastu

Usually in each home there’s a special place to stay cash and jwellery. Some folks keep cash safe in locker and a few in wardrobes and keep it safe on the other place. Does one recognize to stay the cash safe north direction is understood auspicious. If you retain cash during this direction then you get grace of god Kuber and divinity Lakshmi. It’s renowned auspicious.

Vastu Follows Positive And Negative Energy

Vastu is that the ancient information of India and if you retain mind on some things of vastu then your life is also prosperous and productive. In vastu there’s a unique rule is represented for every issue. That issue you ought to on that place, what belongings you shouldn’t keep reception. These are some rules of vastu. This scripture is completely supported the principles of the positive and negative effects in your home. North direction is understood wonderful to place cash reception.

North Direction Is Place Of Lord Kuber

Kuber is treasure of deities and in keeping with scriptures north direction is that the abode of him. Attributable to this if you retain cash safe in north direction then it provides auspicious results to us. Attributable to the grace of lord Kuber you get specific profit concerning cash connected task. In north direction placed wardrobe or locker you’ll be able to keep cash in it. Vastu measures are renowned extremely useful to us.

Other tips:

If you discover your expenses out of hand, place live plants or grains within the bogs, these keep the money from the bathroom, as a result of symbolically growing things reabsorb water energy and keep it utilization.

Hang a mirror to replicate your money box or locker. It symbolically doubles your wealth and opportunities.

Vastu Shastra suggests that place a washbasin or feeder within the yard to draw in wild life, which is able to increase the number of energy around your home. Birdbaths and bird feeders are marvelous acts of cleansing up your finances and attracting prosperity from all directions

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